Call for Challenges - OPENS SOON!

We are very pleased to be requesting challenges from our community this year! Here are some examples with solutions for those who are keen to flex their inner quizmaster for challengers this year!

Past Challenges

To help yo usee the kind of challenges we like, here are some examples.


For 200 points...

Challenge: Make a circuit that has output measurements only when the output registers

c[0] xor c[1] == c[2]
Do this in <=7 lines of OpenQASM.

      OPENQASM 2.0;
      include "";
      qreg q[3];
      h q[0];
      cx q[0],q[1];
      cx q[0],q[2];
      h q;
Note that we detected 'lines' by counting semicolons in the checking code. The OpenQASM code was then converted to a quantum circuit and evaluated using the end statevector.

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Picture Found

For 10 points...

Challenge: Who is this?

Алексей Юрьевич Китаев
Yeah, you could reverse image search this, like the others... but you had to work out that, because Kitaev is Russian-born, then you'd have to put his name into the answer box in Cyrillic!! Hence you got double points for this picture.

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